Which form of Kamagra to buy? Kamagra jelly or Tablet?

Millions of people in the world are suffering from erectile dysfunction so it is worth to discuss about it now. Kamagra is the improvised form of viagra medication. This drug also contains sildenafil citrate as an active ingredient. Initially it was available in a tablet form but after the reach among men a healthcare company invented jelly form of kamagra. So, which form should you buy – jelly or tablet, it can be decided easily by knowing what suits you..

Kamagra tablet vs kamagra jelly

kamagra tablets can be taken a few minutes before sex by swallowing a pill as a whole. This is been in the market for quite a long time and many men have taken it and been benefitted.

This jelly form of kamagra is available in different flavors like mint, banana, strawberry, chocolate and so on. This form is mainly invented for elderly patients who are not able to swallow a tablet and also for men who have medical ailments that makes them very difficult to swallow a pill.

Men can just keep this variant of kamagra in the mouth and chew this semi liquid jelly. It automatically gets dissolved in the blood stream.

Kamagra jelly form can be bought if you need faster effectiveness on impotency. People who require certain period of time before erection can buy kamagra tablet.

In the battle between two variants of kamagra, both the forms win. This is because both the forms have an equal success rate.

Where to buy authentic kamagra?

Though both the variants of this erectile dysfunction medication are available in traditional brick and mortar stores, we would suggest you the medication from a legitimate online pharmacy. Authentic medication can be provided only by an approved site. Which are cheap?tablets or jelly?  Both these drugs are generic variants of kamagra hence you can buy these variants of medication at a cheaper rate. Though the actual rate is very cheap, if you purchase tablets or jelly from an offline med store, the price would be high. The cost of rent for the physical store, salesmen, electricity bill, and third party etc. would be added to the price of the medication that they sell to get profit. Because of this, you would be paying much more for kamagra tablets or kamagra jelly.

Buying ED medication from an online pharmacy would be very cheap as they do not have any burden like the above mentioned factors. They have less investment hence they sell kamagra medication at half the price compared to the offline med stores.